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Based in documents and irrefutable facts a huge number of researchers and history scholars conclude that Christopher Colombo, alias Cólon in Spanish, was born in Cuba ( south of Portugal), and not in Genoa ( Italy), as it is officially told:

First of all, Christopher Colombo was the name that Salvador Gonçalves zarco chose to persuade the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, Fernando and Isabel, to finance his trip to find the route to India by sailing to west, hiding his true identity. Second, this pseudonymous doesn´t show by accident as Cristóvão ( Christopher) comes from Saint Christopher the protector of travellers ( there is even one island designated with this name). Also" Cristóvão" comes from "Cristo" ( Christ) the one who spreads the word of

salvation and the faith wherever he goes and " Salvador" ( Saviour), the really first name of this notorious navigator, is associated to Jesus Christ as well. Cólon is the abbreviation of settler, a member of a colony (colónia in Portuguese or Spanish), also related with both his signatures: two inverted comas with two points in between. The third evidence, his name, Salvador Gonçalves Zarco, is registered as born in Cuba ( Portugal), an illegitimate son of Duke de Beja and Isabel Gonçalves Zarco, noble families. Fourth proof is that it was usual in those days navigators name lands or places discovered after saints or other religious motifs and in his case was São Salvador ( actual Bahamas), a coincidence or maybe not, represents his first Christian and true name, the second island he baptized it as Cuba, his homeland, and Hispaniola ( now Haiti and Dominican Republic) because he was at the service of the Spanish Crown (Hispânia in Latin). Fifth evidence is the passion for seas which was in the blood of the Zarco Family mainly in João Gonçalves Zarco, that discovered Porto Santo island ( 1418) with Tristão Vaz Teixeira and Madeira island ( 1419), along with the father-in-law of "Cristóvão Colon", Bartomeu Perestrelo. The sixth and final corroboration there are islands in the Caribbean with references to his birth place in Portugal, Cuba, then a small village where a chapel in honour of Saint Vincent existed, another designation to an island in that area. Lately this chapel became a mother church (XVI century).

These are strong coincidences( pseudonym, the islands names, a noble family with strong links to the sea, his residence in Porto Santo which is in the Atlantic route to west towards India, more than enough to be sure that the Portuguese Salvador Gonçalves Zarco is in fact the real name of Christopher Colombo.

He died in Valladolid (Spain) in 1506, being transferred to Seville ( 1509), however as it was in his will he was buried in São Domingos Cathedral( Dominican Republic), in 1544, then a spain colony, to respect his memory as a prestigious admiral of the seas. But the odyssey of his remains wasn´t over: as the Spanish left the island of São Domingos in 1795, they took him to Cuba (Havana), where, once again and after the independence oh the island ( 1898), his remains returned to Seville Cathedral. Adding to all this troubling changes the Dominicans when they were rebuilding the cathedral in 1877, found a small coffin with bones and the inscription " Admiral Cristóvão Colon".

Both in Madeira and Azores islands there are still descendents of the zarcos family, from his ancestor João Gonçalves Zarco and therefore from Christopher Colombo mother ( Isabel Gonçalves Zarco), wich could provide samples of hair to scientists to analyse, check and match the DNA with the remains of the navigator and give us a final answer in this matter.

José Cabaça

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